Passionate Work



That’s an important question for any business owner. The obvious reason is of course to make money. Another common answer is to “be my own boss”, along with “I can’t work for anyone else”. But the real question here is “Why did you start your painting/chiropractic/bakery/etc. business?”

Running your own business is an admirable achievement, but without sound reasoning behind it you might as well run a franchise for someone else. Many business owners run their own business because of the passion they have for their field of choice. If you ask the owner of a local art studio why they’re in business, they will most likely provide you with dozens of reasons that all relate to their passion for art. We have the exact same passion as that art studio owner.

At Go2 Creative we create with a purpose. Our goal is to build and develop a strong brand with a deep connection to its consumers whether it’s through a logo, a website, or a complete campaign. Designing a flashy logo is fine, but if the logo doesn’t connect with our clients and their end customers then you’re not happy and we’re not satisfied. That is the difference between us hearing “That’s Fine” and “I love it”.

When we first meet with prospective clients we listen closely to the words you use. We listen for the passion behind why they want a website with a message board and why they want a logo that incorporates the colors red and blue. This passion helps us to create and guide the project in the direction of your vision. You know your market better than anyone else. Your customers come to you because they see you as an expert in your field. Collaboration between your team and ours helps us understand why certain features must be included or why others should be avoided.

Our passion for our work is just as strong as your passion for your business. As long as we have that in common, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your project is a smashing success.